Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hey everyone, welcome to my new abode.
I am just starting up this new blog, since my site is a pain to keep up, especially not that I have zero time in college. (That's not true, I just spend my time on better activities: like hookah and parties)

What am I going to be posting here, you ask?
Well, I have a shit ton of old (quasi-interesting) posts from my travels in India. I am hoping to start re-editing those and make them more readable. At the present moment they are between Ithaca, NY and Boston.
PS. I am from the Boston area, Wenham Mass. to be more specific.
I interested in writing and also in photography. I am a journalism major, and I will soon declare a photography minor as soon as I can figure out my first minor (which has to be outside the communications school, go figure) I currently take photos for The Ithacan, and I'm hoping to start writing some articles for the Buzzsaw magazine.

Well that was my exciting introduction. What do you know about me now? Pretty much nothing, but I'll change that soon. (depending on how many parties are this weekend)

Yes. So, I am Kelsey signing out for now. Keep posted!



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Ithaca, New York
Hey! I'm eighteen. I love elephants. My personal movie collection consists of Slumdog Millionaire, Mulan, and the Illusionist. (not saying those are my favorite movies, I just own them) I am a hookah fanatic. I am NOT a socialist, even if my Bio teacher wishes I was. I'm a college kid, a freshman journalism major. Oh I also eat popcorn daily.