Thursday, September 10, 2009

Romman Lemon Mint

I tested out my new flavor today--
Romman Lemon Mint

I smoked some hookah this afternoon with a couple friends between classes and I decided to test out the new Lemon Mint flavor. I bought it because it sounded so fresh. And it was. Overall I enjoyed it. It was my first experience with Romman, but I've heard lots of positive reviews. I used it in a phunnel bowl today, only because I was using Tangiers in it before that, and I found it took a LOT of heat to get it started. Once it got going it was nice. I felt like there wasn't a ton of smoke, but they may have been because I was lazy with the coals. I like to use Coco Nara's, but when I'm not near a kitchen it's difficult.

(I really like their new box design. It's fancy.)

Something interesting I did in addition to the Lemon Mint flavor was I put a green tea bag into the base with cold water. It had a faint flavor which I really liked and I want to try when I have some ice too.

Anyway, overall I would rate Romman Lemon Mint with three stars. Try it out :)




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