Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tangiers Guava

If you haven't tried Tangiers yet, try it. I love all of Tangier's flavors and I think it's great tobacco. What I was smoking today (and for the past two nights) was Tangiers Guava. If you don't know what a guava is, you're going to have to try it. In India it was one of my favorite fruits. I also tried Guava shisha for the first time in India. I had a Guava shisha/ Rum base mixture which was great. Don't do this unless you are of legal age! ;)

Tangiers in general is awesome once you get used to using it. It takes some practice and I also highly recommend using a Phunnel bowl. Your flavor will last much longer and you'll have great sessions. Also with Tangiers I recommend using natural coals, my faves are Coco Nara's. Once they're lit they are very low maintenance.

*Tangiers shisha looks much different from most tobaccos. It is very thick and dark. You also get great smoke and buzz.

Acclimating, or letting it sit out in the air, is necessary to use this flavor.
I recommend putting it in some Tupperware and letting it sit out anywhere between 3-6 hours before use. If not, it will be very harsh and too strong to smoke/enjoy. The only complaint with Tangiers is from people who don't set it right. I also suggest using a Phunnel bowl as opposed to an Egyptian.
Phunnel Bowl

So overall I would rate this Shisha a four and a half, leaving the half just in case something super amazing comes by. But this stuff is great and worth a try.




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